R2 Programmable Robot Set for S.T.E.M. Elementary Education

The R2/KC6+ Learning and Coding Robot is a programmable educational robot car designed with an easy-to-use and flexible open-source Arduino platform. The robot’s microcontroller includes 4 analog and 4 digital inputs/outputs and features an RJ11 type input for easy and direct connection of additional sensors, ensuring seamless interoperability between them.

Control Features through the R2.bit App

  • Reaction to sound, light, and touch stimuli
  • Obstacle avoidance through an Ultrasonic sensor
  • Line guidance
  • Programming the movement of the wheels in different directions
  • Production of visual and audio indications

By using the ARD:icon software and the ready-made activities provided, users can delve deeper into the robot’s various functions and take the first steps in programming and computational thinking through a tile-based language.

This set is selected as suitable educational material for primary education in STEM-Robotics in Primary School (grades 1-4) by the Hellenic Ministry of Education.

  • Arduino Microprocessor
    • 4 RJ11 analog I/O ports
    • 4 RJ11 digital I/O ports
    • Passive buzzer
  • Movement
    • Independent movement on 2 wheels
    • 6.0V motor speed: 100 rpm
  • Control
    • Bluetooth remote control from tablet via R2.bit app
  • Sensors
    • Line tracking sensor
    • Ultrasonic distance sensor
    • Analog sound sensor (Microphone)
    • Capacitive Touch sensor
    • LDR light sensor
    • RJ11 Extension Unit
  • Other Components
    • Servo motor
    • White LED
    • RGB LED unit
    • Active Buzzer
    • SMART:Blox
      • Lego-type building block frames that host the sensors
      • Support base (Lego-type) that hosts the sensor blocks
    • USB cable
    • RJ11 cables
  • Power
    • Operates on 6 AA, 1.5 Volt batteries (not included)
  • Software
    • ARD:icon software

The entire R2 Robotic Set is stored in a durable plastic case along with all its supporting hardware for added safety.

The ARD:icon EB teaching subsystem incorporates the curriculum and enables students to perform activities independently through software instructions (C.A.I.) outside the teaching period (self-paced training) and within the teaching period under teacher supervision. The EB software subsystem of ARD:icon integrates all teaching modules, including:

  • Student Training: Utilizes the set of materials used by the student.
  • Curriculum and Theory: Provides demonstration aids for the teacher, fully utilizing the set in the educational process.

The application is written in HTML5, downloadable from a web hub. It is also available in SCORM 2004 (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) format and structured as an e-course that can be uploaded to the Moodle open-source e-learning platform. All course plans offer the contents (theory and practical activity) in e-book/e-course format.

Educational Material Content

The software/eBook offers a step-by-step sequence of instructions for each activity through the C.A.I. (Computer Assisted Instructions) software. Each activity in e-book format contains:

  • Relevant theoretical references
  • The aim of the activity
  • All relevant diagrams and connections
  • The building of a program in block language
  • The corresponding code
  • Practical exercises in 30-minute videos

The material comes with supporting educational tools for developing different types of mechanisms with an emphasis on STEM Engineering, using a microphone, servo motor, and signaling (sound and light). It includes:

  • 20 STEM Activities for 1st Grade
  • 20 STEM Activities for 2nd Grade
  • 20 STEM Activities for 3rd Grade
  • 20 STEM Activities for 4th Grade

The ARD:icon CS Subsystem

The educational material is supported by the ARD:icon CS subsystem, based on the ACADEMUS CRS© software. This tool is a simple, flexible, and easy-to-use teaching aid, in the Greek language, supplementing the C.A.I. environment offered at ARD:icon EB for all Primary and Secondary Education teachers. For a detailed description of all the system’s features, visit Academus CRS.

Included Activities

The R2 Programmable Robot Set includes more than 80 activities.

  1. Start motion with sound
  2. Start motion with touch
  3. Start motion with light
  4. Start and Stop motion with sound
  5. Start and Stop motion with contact
  6. Start and stop motion with light
  7. Start motion with sound and stop with touch
  8. Start motion with touch and stop with sound
  9. Start motion with light and stop with sound
  10. Start motion with sound and stop with light
  11. Start motion with light and stop with touch
  12. Start motion with touch and stop with light
  13. Obstacle detection and audio notification
  14. Obstacle detection and visual notification
  15. Obstacle detection and combination of visual and audio notification
  16. Motion initiation and servomotor activation
  17. Obstacle avoidance and visual notification
  18. Obstacle avoidance and audio notification
  19. Obstacle avoidance and combination of visual and audible notification
  20. Fire Truck Operation
  21. Ambulance operation
  22. Police Vehicle Operation
  23. Vehicle lighting control
  24. Auto vehicle lighting
  25. Speed adjustment according to distance
  26. Light adjustment according to the speed
  27. Speed adjustment according to sound level
  1. Audio alert setting according to speed
  2. Light adjustment according to speed and distance
  3. Audio alert setting according to speed and distance
  4. Straight path and distance measurement
  5. Straight path and double distance calculation (double sum)
  6. Double route straight and distance difference calculation
  7. Square route
  8. Square side distance measurement and total distance traveled calculation(addition)
  9. Square side distance measurement and total distance traveled calculation(multiplication)
  10. Distance traveled Measurement and half and double calculation
  11. Parallelogram route
  12. Parallelogram side distance measurement and total distance traveled calculation(addition)
  13. Parallelogram side distance measurement and total distance traveled calculation (multiplication)
  14. Straight route and 10x distance calculation
  15. Straight route and 100x distance calculation
  16. Straight route and 1000x distance calculation
  17. Straight route and problem 1 solving
  18. Square route and problem 1 solving
  19. Square route and multiplying distance by decimal
  20. Square route and dividing distance by decimal
  21. Square route and square area calculation
  22. Parallelogram route and parallelogram area calculation
  1. Route of a double square and area calculation
  2. Straight route and problem 2 solving
  3. Straight route and problem 3 solving
  4. Square route and problem 2 solving
  5. Square route and problem 3 solving
  6. Turning on the LED
  7. LED Brightness Controlled by PWM
  8. Principle and application of line tracking sensor
  9. DC motor drive and speed control
  10. ROBOT R2/KC6+ line
  11. Principle and application of the ultrasound unit
  12. ROBOT R2/KC6+ obstacle avoidance
  13. Principle and Application of Bluetooth Remote Control
  14. Bluetooth controlled ROBOT R2/KC6+
  15. Solid figures
  16. Telling the time
  17. I’m learning about the ground
  18. I’m learning about the underground
  19. I’m learning about water
  20. 12 Months
  21. The 24 hours of the day
  22. Day and night alternation
  23. The sun
  24. Stringed musical instruments
  25. Percussion musical instruments
  26. Keyboard instruments
  27. Playing with the music
  28. The Great Composers 1 (Antonio Vivaldi)
  29. The Great Composers 2 (Ludwig Van Beethoven)
  30. The Great Composers 3 (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)
  31. I’m learning about African Music
  32. I’m learning about Australian Music
  33. I’m learning about European Music
  34. I’m learning about American Music

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