Polytech S.A. Empowers Greek Schools with Special Robotics Sets

wheel and mechanical arm robot with marker and it's product box

As part of the ambitious “Greece 2.0” program, Polytech S.A. has initiated the distribution of cutting-edge educational robots integral to the Greek educational curriculum in robotics. The rollout commenced with the delivery of the first batch, totaling 11,216 sets, destined for kindergartens. A grand total of 177,000 robotics kits are slated for delivery to kindergartens, primary, and secondary schools nationwide.

The inaugural delivery of robotics sets took place at an Attica kindergarten, orchestrated by the dedicated Polytech team, in the esteemed presence of the Minister of Education, Mrs. Niki Kerameos. Witnessing firsthand the marvels of technology, young students and educators engaged in interactive sessions, exploring functionalities such as heart rate measurement, solar path tracing, voice command execution, and quiz-solving. Through these immersive experiences, kindergarten pupils embark on a journey of understanding fundamental principles through robotics, igniting their curiosity and fostering early STEM literacy.

Mar 30, 2023 – The Greek Minister of Education, Mrs Niki Kerameos, along with students and faculty of Attica kindergarten, explore the R1 Robotic set delivered by Polytech S.A.

“Our products resonate with the laughter, joy, and curiosity of children. STEM integration is not just a modern approach; it’s a necessity, and I’m delighted to see its realization,” remarked Nikos Tzioumakis, Development Director at Polytech S.A.

  • Integration of mathematics, computer science, and technology, introducing foundational programming concepts
  • Fosters the development of critical skills such as problem-solving, teamwork, creativity, and project management
  • Blending learning with play, it offers a dynamic and adaptable teaching method, making education engaging and effective

Polytech S.A.’s endeavor marks a significant stride towards enhancing educational standards and nurturing a generation of tech-savvy innovators poised to thrive in the digital age.

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