Environmental station installation in Fieri, Albania

We are excited to announce the successful implementation of a large-scale environmental station project in Fieri, Albania. Collaborating with Power Industries and Polaris Ltd, POLYTECH has installed a state-of-the-art automatic station for monitoring urban air quality.

The project involved the supply and installation of advanced equipment to monitor various parameters including BTEX, SO2, O3, NO2, CO, and PM10/PM2.5. Our team provided and installed the following equipment:

  • BTEX analyzer
  • SO2 analyzer
  • O3 analyzer
  • NO2 analyzer
  • CO analyzer
  • Automatic analyzer
  • Unit for calibration of instruments
  • Sensors for monitoring meteorological data (10 m mast, 8371.U01 WS200-UMB, 8370.UKAB20, 8379.USP, 8372.U01 WS300-UMB)
  • Unit for data transmission (Router and switch, datalogger)
  • MCZ GmbH Module PM10

We extend our gratitude to the Albanian Government for selecting our equipment for this crucial initiative. Special thanks also go to our esteemed partners, Power Industries Ltd and Polaris Ltd, for their invaluable cooperation throughout the project.

Stay tuned for more updates on our ongoing efforts to promote environmental sustainability through innovative technology solutions.

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