POLYTECH at the Forefront: Highlights from the 4th National Conference of EEPEK

POLYTECH proudly sponsored and participated as a guest speaker at the “4th National Conference of EEPEK for the Promotion of Educational Innovation,” organized by the Scientific Association for the Promotion of Innovation in Education (E.E.P.E.K.), in collaboration with esteemed partners including the University of Thessaly, the University of Peloponnese, the Technological Institute of Thessaly, and the Society of English Language Teachers of Larissa.

The conference, held October 12-14, 2018, in Larisa, garnered significant support from the French Embassy, the U.S. Embassy, and the Hellenic Ministry of Education.

The primary objective of the conference was to foster meaningful dialogue within the educational community and lay the groundwork for broader discussions regarding the implementation of educational innovations. Targeting educators from primary and secondary education, faculty members from higher education institutions, researchers in education, and undergraduate and postgraduate students, the event aimed to address various aspects of the educational process and school life.

ACADEMUS CRS Classroom Interaction and Management System

At the heart of POLYTECH’s participation was the unveiling of its latest innovation: ACADEMUS CRS (Classroom Interaction and Management System). ACADEMUS CRS represents a user-friendly, versatile teaching tool designed for educators at both secondary and higher education levels.

This innovative system facilitates non-internet facilitated interactive communication, enabling real-time test and quiz responses, data analysis, statistics, storage, and remote student communication, all at an affordable price point.

Learn more here: ACADEMUS CRS Fact Sheet.

With a legacy dating back to 1984, POLYTECH has continually strived to understand the evolving needs of educators and students in both general and technical education realms.

During the conference, POLYTECH showcased a range of cutting-edge products tailored to enhance teaching and learning experiences. Among these were the FP 312 Simulation Trainer (ABS 4 Channel System Demonstrator), GE 100 (Green Energy Simulator), Biolab (a compact portable lab kit for measuring antioxidant capacity in drinks and beverages), and Smart Bricks (a student kit for project-based STEM learning in primary and secondary education).

Additionally, the digital laboratory STEM BT11 was presented, offering an integrated test platform for digital experiments and measurements in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

As a committed advocate for educational advancement, POLYTECH remains dedicated to empowering educators and students alike through innovative solutions that inspire learning and drive progress.

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