EU Project Completion: Fit-Wheel Training System for Wheelchair Users

Polytech SA is proud to announce the successful completion of its innovative project, “FIT-WHEEL: Wheelchair Exercise System Personalized for Chronic Wheelchair Users.” This groundbreaking project was developed in collaboration with BIOMECHANICAL SOLUTIONS-BME and was approved under the ESPA 2014-2020 “Research-Create-Innovate” business program.

The FIT-WHEEL (Functional and Intelligent Training System for Wheelchair Users) is a revolutionary, user-friendly lever-propelled exercise system designed for wheelchair users. It can be adapted to existing wheelchairs and supports personalized rehabilitation processes at home. The system’s “intelligent” design incorporates real-time video games (exergaming) and provides individualized feedback through a smartphone or tablet application.

FIT-WHEEL stands out for its focus on eccentric exercise, where muscles lengthen under tension, offering benefits such as reduced energy expenditure and lower fatigue compared to conventional training. The system uses pneumatic resistance to facilitate upper limb rotational movements, allowing users to adjust resistance levels based on their specific needs. This innovative approach helps improve strength, aerobic capacity, and coordination of upper limb movements.

Economic and Social Impact

The adoption of FIT-WHEEL by the medical community is expected to have a significant positive impact on both the economy and society. By reducing hospitalization times and the need for continuous expert assistance, FIT-WHEEL could decrease overall healthcare costs by up to 15% annually. Additionally, it enables users to delay transitioning to electric-powered wheelchairs, further reducing expenses.

The project also aims to enhance the competitiveness of Greece’s medical equipment sector, create job opportunities, and provide indirect savings for the national economy by reducing labor-related losses. Beyond economic benefits, FIT-WHEEL helps maintain the mobility and physical condition of wheelchair users, reducing social isolation and improving the quality of life for both patients and their families.

FIT-WHEEL addresses a significant gap in the global market for innovative, safe, and user-friendly wheelchair mobility systems. Despite substantial interest from patients and rehabilitation centers, there are no comparable products currently available. This unique market position allows FIT-WHEEL to establish a strong identity in the field of medical exercise equipment.

The international originality and practical benefits of FIT-WHEEL are expected to attract significant purchasing interest from various countries, generating substantial revenue for the Greek medical equipment sector. This will stimulate the national economy, especially during challenging economic times. Furthermore, the project supports job creation both for patients and in specialized fields related to exercise and rehabilitation for clinical populations.

The FIT-WHEEL project is a collaborative effort between:

  • Polytech SA

Polytech SA and its partners are excited about the transformative potential of FIT-WHEEL in enhancing the rehabilitation experience for wheelchair users, driving economic growth, and improving overall societal well-being.

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