About Us
Since 1984, POLYTECH SA is dedicated exclusively to the design, development and implementation of didactic solutions and laboratories in the field of Education.Our products cover a wide range of technology sectors that aim to achieve three important objectives in the Education process such as:

  • Simplifing the student’s learning process,
  • Upgrading the teacher – student work interaction
  • Creating a dynamic, computer assisted laboratory

POLYTECH  through the years has a very successful record in designing and implementing various educational projects and has also initiated various co-operations with local and international companies, resellers and manufactures, establishing international market and  production alliances.

“What I hear, I forget … What I read, I understand… What I do, I KNOW!”

Laboratory work is a critical component in the educational process. In order to meet the varying needs, Polytech offers flexible and adaptable laboratory solutions which ensure maximum compliance with current state-of-the-art technologies and the skill demands of local industrial markets. All our products and solutions are intended for formal school education, all levels, as well as for post-diploma and further education courses and professional re-qualification.

Human Resources
POLYTECH’s personnel is highly qualified, continuously trained and updated to new industry standards. Human resources comes first in importance and that is why we offer a friendly working environment based on collaboration and team spirit.