Scientific Association E.E.P.E.K. Applauds SMART:Blox for Revolutionizing Education

In a recent workshop presentation held on Saturday Oct. 12, 2019 hosted by POLYTECH during the 5th National Conference of E.E.P.E.K. for Educational Innovations, members of the Coordinating Committee of the Scientific Association E.E.P.E.K. showcased their enthusiasm for SMART:Blox, a cutting-edge educational tool.

SMART:Blox was hailed for its user-friendly interface and its ability to bolster students’ comprehension of programming and algorithmic thinking. Attendees lauded the tool’s adaptability across various age groups, from preschool to university levels, as well as its support for multiple programming languages such as Arduino and C++.

Educators were particularly impressed by the vast array of educational activities available within SMART:Blox, spanning disciplines from Programming to Mathematics. They emphasized the tool’s capacity to simulate activities and its affordability, making it accessible to a wide range of educational institutions.

In a testimonial, the Scientific Association E.E.P.E.K. expressed their belief that SMART:Blox could significantly enhance the educational process, heralding it as a transformative force within the sector.

With endorsements like these, SMART:Blox is poised to make a profound impact on education, promising to empower students and educators alike with its innovative approach to learning.

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