POLYTECH Unveils PT 4041F Fiber Optics Cable Trainer: Empowering Students in Fiber Optics Technology

In an exciting development for educational institutions and aspiring engineers, POLYTECH proudly introduces its latest offering: the PT 4041F Fiber Optic Cable Trainer, a key component of the LHP 4000 laboratory series. Designed by POLYTECH SA, the PT 4041F is geared towards equipping students with comprehensive knowledge and hands-on experience in fiber optics cabling, covering both multimode and single-mode fiber cables.

Key Features

  • Numerical Aperture (NA) measurements
  • V-number verification
  • Observation of intensity patterns
  • A desktop enclosure with a 2 mW Laser source 650 nm module, an FO receiver module with photo detector, a power meter module and power supply.
  • Optical bench with mechanical holdings for the laser probe and the projector board.
  • Three ready-connected FO cable assemblies: one single-mode and two multimode with connectors at both ends
  • Assortment of accessories including VOA attenuators, mandrel, intensity jig, projector screen, jumper cables, and a 2-ch fiber cable array


The PT 4041F Fiber Optic Cable Trainer enables students to conduct a variety of experiments focused on studying the connectivity and performance characteristics of both single-mode (SMF) and multimode (MMF) fiber optics. Each mode of operation offers in-depth exploration, including:

  • Building fiber links with different types of fibers:
    9/125 Single Mode SI Glass Fiber
    50/125 Multimode GI Glass Fiber, and
    62.5/125 Multimode GI Glass Fiber
  • Connectivity standards for each link type
  • Fiber alignment and focus settings
  • Numeric Aperture (NA) and V number calculations
  • Intensity pattern analysis
  • Power measurements and losses in link output cases

With the PT 4041F Fiber Optic Cable Trainer, students gain invaluable hands-on experience, empowering them to understand and apply the principles of fiber optics technology with confidence and proficiency.

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