Introducing the Enhanced LEONiDAS Power Scoring System for Tae Kwon Do

POLYTECH is excited to announce the launch of the updated version of our Power Scoring System, known as “LEONiDAS.” This cutting-edge system represents a significant advancement in the automation of Tae Kwon Do (TKD) classes or tournaments, specifically in Power hit competitions.

The LEONiDAS Power Scoring System is a “State of the Art” computer system designed to streamline and enhance TKD competitions. It serves as an integrated Athlete Participation and Target Scoring management system, empowering athletes to measure the strength of their kicks across a wider range of exercises.

At the core of LEONiDAS is its innovative architecture, which is based on the iDAS Server and remote Targets interconnected by a wireless network, all sharing the same database. This ensures seamless communication and coordination between components, resulting in efficient and accurate scoring.

The Target Scoring system includes both hardware and software components, compatible with MS Windows in a Target network configuration or Android in a Target Stand-Alone configuration. This flexibility ensures compatibility with a variety of setups and environments.

Key features of the LEONiDAS Power Scoring System include:

  • Wireless Target Base
  • Display per target for real-time feedback
  • Athlete Management Database for streamlined organization
  • Automatic categorization of athletes
  • Competition/Tournament Monitoring for comprehensive oversight
  • Online Scoring display per target hit for immediate feedback
  • Online Consolidated results display per event for enhanced visibility
  • Import/Export facility for seamless data entry

With these advanced capabilities, the LEONiDAS Power Scoring System revolutionizes the Tae Kwon Do competition experience, providing athletes, coaches, and organizers with powerful tools to elevate their performances and events.

For further inquiries or to learn more about the LEONiDAS Power Scoring System, please contact us.

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