FIT-WHEEL Unveils at Asteras Trikala Wheelchair Basketball Training

In a collaborative effort aimed at enhancing the athletic experience for wheelchair users, Polytech S.A. and Biomechanical Solutions-BME joined forces to introduce FIT-WHEEL, a groundbreaking exercise system, to the Asteras Trikala Wheelchair Basketball Team. The presentation took place during the team’s training session at the Trikala Athletic Center.

FIT-WHEEL is hailed as an innovative and user-friendly exercise system tailored specifically for chronic wheelchair users. Designed to be adaptable to various wheelchair models available on the market, FIT-WHEEL supports personalized rehabilitation processes, offering customized configurations and adaptations.

During the presentation, the myriad benefits of FIT-WHEEL were showcased and discussed in depth. Asteras Trikala athletes, along with their coaches and trainers, actively participated in the presentation, providing valuable insights into the needs and preferences crucial for the further development of FIT-WHEEL.

Among the esteemed attendees was Panos Filippou, a prominent member of the Asteras Trikala wheelchair basketball team and a standout athlete in Greece, known for his consistent participation in All-Star games and the Greek Wheelchair National Basketball Team.

To ensure that FIT-WHEEL meets the needs of wheelchair athletes effectively, participants completed a questionnaire, offering feedback on usability, functionality, and the overall benefits of the system.

The unveiling of FIT-WHEEL marks a significant milestone in the quest to enhance accessibility and support the athletic endeavors of wheelchair users, reaffirming Polytech S.A. and BIOMECHANICAL SOLUTIONS-BME’s commitment to innovation and inclusivity in sports.

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