Introducing the Agromechanics Laboratory: Enhancing Agricultural Education

At POLYTECH, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of our newest addition: the Agromechanics Laboratory. This state-of-the-art facility is equipped with 16 functional models and equipment dedicated to soil cultivation, seeding, and fertilization, providing students with hands-on experience in agricultural machinery and practices.

The Agromechanics Laboratory features operational agrofarming equipment and sectioned models, meticulously designed to facilitate learning and understanding. Here’s a glimpse of what the laboratory offers:

  1. Motor Cultivator: An accurate section of a petrol motor cultivator, complete with a single-cylinder engine and painted in different colors for better distinction of parts.
  2. Sectioned Seeder: A towed universal seeder sectioned for educational purposes, driven by an electric motor for realistic operation.
  3. Manure Spreaders: Educational sections of manure spreaders, including cupping planting units and centrifugal spreaders, mounted on wheeled frames for practical training.
  4. Cutaway Model of a Manure Spreader: Shows in section the hopper, spreader disk, and control unit for detailed understanding.
  5. Fertilizer Unit: Fully sectioned to demonstrate real operation, complete with pressure gauge, valves, and hoses.
  6. Four-Stroke Diesel Engine: Detailed section of a diesel engine used in agriculture, showcasing internal parts and operation.

Our training system includes sections of real farm tractor components and machinery to provide comprehensive learning opportunities:

  1. Sectioned Farm Tractor with Diesel Engine: Various parts painted in different colors for better distinction, featuring a 4-stroke, 2-cylinder engine and globe-shaped steering box.
  2. Farm Tractor Transmission System: Sectioned for training purposes, showcasing clutch units, gearbox, steering clutch, and more.
  3. Hydro-Pneumatic Braking System: Wall panel demonstrating braking elements of a tractor-trailer, complete with air compressor, distributor, pressure brake booster, and more.

With the Agromechanics Laboratory, POLYTECH continues its commitment to providing innovative educational solutions. Students can now gain practical experience and in-depth knowledge of agricultural machinery and practices, preparing them for successful careers in the agricultural industry.

For more information on the Agromechanics Laboratory and our educational products, please visit our website.

Stay tuned for updates on our latest innovations and educational offerings.

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