Breaking News: BIOLAB 1 Unveiled – A Technological Milestone

In a groundbreaking collaboration between POLYTECH and the University of Thessaly’s Animal Physiology Laboratory of the Biochemistry Department, a cutting-edge scientific innovation was revealed. The unveiling of BIOLAB 1 took place on Monday, January 22 2018, at Pappa’s Mill in Larisa, marking a significant advancement in scientific research and technology.

BIOLAB 1, the brainchild of POLYTECH, stands as a revolutionary device capable of measuring the antioxidant capacity of various liquid consumables, ranging from coffee and juices to beer, wine, and milk. Its versatility and precision have garnered recognition not only within Greece but also internationally.

One of the remarkable applications of BIOLAB 1 lies in the field of winemaking. By enabling vintners to conduct small-scale vinifications prior to the main process, the device assists in determining optimal antioxidant levels, which can vary even from day to day in agricultural products.

The event, held at Pappa’s Mill, attracted esteemed figures including Deputy Mayor of Culture and Sciences, Mr. Panos Sapkas, University of Thessaly Professor, Dr. Dimitris Kouretas, and POLYTECH’s General Manager, Mr. Petros Tzioumakis. Each speaker emphasized the significance of BIOLAB 1 and the potential benefits arising from such collaborative efforts, both domestically and abroad.

Excitement surrounding BIOLAB 1 extends beyond national borders, with the French government expressing keen interest. Plans are already underway for its presentation at an event hosted by Caen University in France from March 26 to 30, 2018, catering to a wide audience, particularly wine producers.

POLYTECH extends its gratitude to Dr. Dimitris Kouretas and his team for their invaluable cooperation, envisioning future innovative partnerships that will further propel scientific advancements.


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