POLYTECH S.A. Demonstrates Academus CRS at Larissa’s Interactive Pharmacists Seminar

POLYTECH S.A., a leading provider of innovative educational solutions, proudly participated in Larissa’s first interactive seminar for pharmacists, organized by the Pharmacists Supply Association of Larisa (PRO.SY.FLA). Held at the esteemed Grecotel Larisa Imperial Hotel, the event showcased the practical application of Academus CRS, one of POLYTECH S.A.’s flagship products, in fostering direct interaction between speakers and participants.

Academus CRS, known for its user-friendly interface and flexible platform, played a pivotal role in enhancing engagement and motivation among attendees. With its seamless integration capabilities and the utilization of the free CR-50 virtual keyboard, participants were able to easily connect and actively participate in the seminar’s discussions and presentations.

Mr. Athanasios Saratziotis, Professor and Diligent of Larisa’s University Hospital ENT Clinic, praised the interactivity and simplicity of Academus CRS. Attendees echoed his sentiments, expressing their positive experiences with the software and highlighting its effectiveness as a valuable tool for facilitating learning and collaboration.

The successful demonstration of Academus CRS at Larissa’s inaugural interactive pharmacists seminar underscores its potential to revolutionize traditional educational methods. As POLYTECH S.A. continues to innovate and develop cutting-edge solutions, Academus CRS remains at the forefront of empowering educators and learners alike.

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