GE100S Green Energy Trainer

The GE100S Green Energy Trainer is an advanced educational tool designed to provide comprehensive hands-on training in renewable energy technologies, focusing on solar, wind, and hydrogen fuel cells. This trainer includes practical training devices and built-in instruments, enabling students to perform a wide range of experiments and learn the key characteristics and operational principles of these renewable energy sources. The GE100S aims to foster a deep understanding of renewable energy processes, from solar radiation to photovoltaic conversion, wind power generation, and hydrogen fuel cell operation. The system supports detailed experimental tasks and provides robust data logging and analysis capabilities.

Equipped with a versatile console and a variety of input sets, the GE100S allows students to explore the intricacies of green energy through interactive and practical experiences. The trainer’s comprehensive suite of sensors and data measurement tools ensures accurate and effective learning. The inclusion of additional educational features such as a classroom management system, performance evaluation tools, and optional tablet integration makes the GE100S an indispensable resource for modern science education. This all-in-one solution not only enhances theoretical knowledge but also builds practical skills essential for future renewable energy professionals.

Console Features:

  • Connecting Terminals: For input devices and output power measurements.
  • Built-in Interface: Measures voltages and currents.
  • Data Logging Controller: Records experimental data.
  • Variable Load: Adjustable from 0-100 Ohm, 0-450 Ohm motor.
  • LCD Display: 3.5-inch screen for data visualization.
  • Motor with Couplings: Simulates wind speed without a fan.

Input Sets:

  • Fuel Cell Set: For hydrogen fuel experiments.
  • Photovoltaic Panel: For solar energy experiments.
  • Wind Turbine Set: For wind energy experiments.

Power Parameters:

  • Power Input: 220V
  • Maximum Output: 12V/2A
  • Power Measurements: Built-in circuit (VI) up to 24 V/5A

Fuel Cells

  • Structure and Specifications: Understanding fuel cells.
  • Operational Principles: Electrolysis, hydrogen storage, hydrogen/oxygen and hydrogen/air cells.
  • Performance Characteristics: Efficiency of electrolyzers and fuel cells.
  • Practical Applications: Model hydrogen car experiments.


  • Electromagnetism Laws: Radiation and its effects.
  • Solar Cell Performance: Based on surface area, light intensity, and angle of incidence.
  • Panel Configurations: Serial and parallel circuits, VI characteristics.
  • Efficiency Analysis: Power output and performance metrics.

Wind Energy

  • Energy Transformation: Principles of converting wind to electrical energy.
  • Performance Factors: Wind speed, direction, turbine blade types, and pitch angles.
  • Power Characteristics: Under varying loads and no-load conditions.
  • Green Power Grid Integration: Combining wind and solar energy with fuel cells for energy storage and balance.
  1. Light Source for Solar Cells: Halogen lamp (min 100W) for indoor use.
  2. Three-Speed Domestic Air Fan: To simulate wind for the wind generator, or use the motor driver for wind simulation.

Wind Energy Tasks

  • Components: Turbine support base, wind turbine mount, blades, motor coupler, rotational speed sensor, terminal cables.
  • Experiments: Covering physics and engineering principles, power generation, and efficiency measurements.

Hydrogen Fuel Energy Tasks

  • Components: Fuel cell and electrolyzer bases, PEM fuel cell, motor fan, gas containers, rubber tubes, adaptors, battery pack, terminal cables.
  • Experiments: Electrolysis, fuel cell operation, performance analysis, hydrogen storage and usage.

Solar Energy Tasks

  • Components: Solar panels (1W and 0.6W), inclination frame with light radiation sensor, cover filters, light source.
  • Experiments: Solar energy conversion, photovoltaic cell performance, angle of incidence, power output measurement.

GE100S Software

  • Interface: Connects with a tablet for enhanced data recording and analysis.
  • Functionality: Calculates power efficiency, generates performance reports, and provides graphical data visualization.

Tablet Integration

  • Optional Add-On: Includes a tablet for real-time data logging and interactive learning.

The GE100S Green Energy Trainer is an essential educational tool for understanding renewable energy technologies. Its comprehensive design and interactive features make it suitable for in-depth exploration of solar, wind, and hydrogen fuel cell systems. By providing practical training and robust data analysis capabilities, the GE100S equips students with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the field of renewable energy. Whether used as a standalone unit or with advanced software applications, the GE100S offers a versatile and effective platform for modern science education.

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