CK Chemistry Laboratory Kit

The CK Chemistry Laboratory Kit is a fully featured Science Laboratory solution designed to facilitate secondary-level education in both organic and inorganic chemistry. It offers a wide range of experimental activities, supported by advanced data acquisition systems and digital sensors, making it an ideal tool for modern, interactive STEM education. Designed to support the secondary-level chemistry curriculum, the CK kits enable teachers to conduct demonstrations and experiments efficiently, using both conventional measuring devices and advanced digital tools.

  • Comprehensive Equipment: Includes a variety of conventional measuring devices and a sophisticated data acquisition system with sensors.
  • Digital Integration: Equipped with sensors for humidity, pressure, temperature, oxygen, carbon dioxide, current, voltage, and pH.
  • Extensive Activities: More than 100 experimental activities across various chemistry topics.
  • Portable and Convenient: Kits are packaged in plastic boxes with lids for easy storage and transportation. A plastic frame trolley with wheels is provided when all three CK sets are ordered.

The CK kits cover a broad range of topics within chemistry, structured to facilitate thorough understanding and practical application.

General Chemistry

  1. State of Matter: Activities exploring solid, liquid, and gaseous states.
  2. Evaporation: Experiments demonstrating factors affecting evaporation rates.
  3. Decomposition: Activities on thermal and catalytic decomposition reactions.
  4. Purification: Techniques for separating and purifying chemical substances.
  5. Enthalpy: Measuring enthalpy changes in chemical reactions.
  6. Electrochemistry of Matter: Investigating the principles of electrochemical reactions.
  7. Electrolytes: Studying the properties and behaviors of electrolytes.

Atomic and Molecular Chemistry

  1. Atomic Structure: Exploring the components and configuration of atoms.
  2. Chemical Bonding: Activities on ionic, covalent, and metallic bonds.

Chemical Reactions

  1. Reactivity: Investigating the reactivity series of metals and other elements.
  2. General Chemical Reactions: Activities on synthesis, decomposition, single replacement, and double replacement reactions.
  3. Acids, Bases, and Salts: Studying the properties and reactions of acids, bases, and salts.
  4. Stoichiometry: Calculating reactants and products in chemical reactions.
  5. Oxidation and Reduction: Exploring redox reactions and oxidation states.

Organic Chemistry

  1. Hydrocarbons: Activities on alkanes, alkenes, and alkynes.
  2. Organic Compounds: Studying functional groups and organic synthesis.
  3. Biochemistry: Investigating biochemical processes and compounds.
  • CK1 General Chemistry Kit: A comprehensive set for general chemistry experiments.
  • CK DAQ Kit: Includes all necessary cables and accessories for digital data acquisition. Note: PCs or Android tablets are not included.
  • Portability: All sets come in durable plastic boxes with lids, ensuring easy storage and mobility.
  • Data Acquisition (DAQ): Kits are equipped with sensors and data loggers for modern laboratory measurements.
  • Support and Accessories: CK DAQ kits come with all necessary accessories for setting up experiments. A trolley is included for easy transportation when purchasing all CK sets.

The CK Chemistry Laboratory Kit is an essential tool for modern chemistry education, offering extensive hands-on learning opportunities with the support of advanced digital technology. It enhances student engagement and understanding of both theoretical concepts and practical applications in chemistry. Contact us today to integrate the CK Chemistry Laboratory Kit into your science curriculum and elevate your students’ learning experience.

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