LHP 701 Chemical Engineering

The LHP 701 Chemical Engineering Laboratory is an advanced educational solution designed by Polytech S.A. to enhance the capabilities of technical institutes and universities. It includes three main sections: CTS 3020 for advanced chemistry experiments, CE 3030 for essential chemical engineering processes, and CE 3040 for pilot plants focusing on extraction and distillation. This comprehensive setup ensures students receive extensive hands-on experience and theoretical knowledge in various facets of chemical engineering and chemistry.

Key features of the LHP-701 laboratory include industrial-grade quality and accuracy, utilizing high-quality materials such as stainless steel and borosilicate glass. The lab is equipped with advanced technological integration, including industrial-grade instruments, sensors, transducers, and actuators, providing students with practical, real-world experience. Interactive software interfaces with PC workstations, allowing students to adjust system parameters and observe schematic results in real-time, enhancing their learning experience.

Supported by detailed manuals and electronic resources, the LHP-701 laboratory covers a wide range of equipment, from advanced chemistry lab sets to multifunctional pilot plants. This comprehensive educational support ensures that students are well-prepared for successful careers in the chemical engineering industry. Polytech S.A. invites educational executives and faculty to explore the transformative potential of the LHP-701 laboratory in advancing their institution’s academic offerings.

At Polytech S.A., we are committed to providing cutting-edge educational laboratory products designed to meet the needs of technical institutes and universities. One of our flagship offerings is the LHP-701 Chemical Engineering Laboratory, a sophisticated and versatile lab that supports a comprehensive range of chemical engineering education and training.

The LHP-701 laboratory is meticulously divided into three main sections, each catering to different aspects of chemical engineering and chemistry education:

  1. CTS 3020: Advanced Chemistry Laboratory Equipment
  • This section enhances the Chemistry I curriculum with additional equipment, facilitating more extensive experiments in both inorganic and organic chemistry.
  1. CE 3030: Chemical Engineering Laboratory Set
  • Designed to augment the capabilities of educational institutions, this set includes equipment essential for demonstrating and implementing various chemical engineering processes.
  1. CE 3040: Chemical Process Plants
  • Covering a wide array of chemical process topics such as liquid-liquid and solid-liquid extraction, and distillation of various mixtures, this section includes pilot plants for hands-on learning in plant supervision and control.

The LHP-701 laboratory is crafted to enrich the technical capabilities of educational institutions by offering state-of-the-art equipment and comprehensive testing programs. Key features include:

  • Industrial Design and Quality: The lab equipment is designed to accurately replicate industrial processes on a reduced scale, utilizing high-quality materials such as stainless steel and borosilicate glass.
  • Advanced Technologies: Incorporation of industrial-grade instruments, sensors, transducers, and actuators ensures students gain practical experience with tools they will encounter in the professional field.
  • Interactive Software: Where applicable, the laboratory equipment is supported by interactive software that interfaces with PC workstations. This allows students to manipulate system parameters and observe the results of their adjustments schematically.

Each section of the LHP-701 laboratory is accompanied by detailed manuals and electronic resources that provide theoretical background and practical exercises. Here is an overview of the equipment included:

  • CTS 3020 Chemistry II
  • CS 3021: Advanced Chemistry Lab Set
  • CS 3022: Heating Plate
  • CS 3023: Precision Laboratory Balance
  • CE 3030 Chemistry II – Chemical Process
  • CS 3031: Chemical Reactor Apparatus
  • CE 3032: Rotary Evaporator
  • CE 3033: Chemical Extraction (LL and SL)
  • CE 3040 Chemical Process Plants
  • CE 3041: Multifunctional Distillation Plant
  • CE 3042: Liquid to Liquid Extraction Pilot Plant (manual & automated versions)
  • CE 3043: Multifunctional Extraction and Distillation Pilot Plant
  • CE 3044: Multifunctional Extraction Pilot Plant
  • CE 3045: Continuous Distillation Pilot Plant

The LHP-701 Chemical Engineering Laboratory by Polytech S.A. is an essential addition to any educational institution aiming to provide top-tier chemical engineering education. With its comprehensive equipment, industrial-grade quality, and interactive learning tools, the LHP-701 lab ensures that students are well-prepared for the challenges of the chemical engineering industry. Explore the future of chemical engineering education with Polytech S.A.’s innovative solutions.

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