LHP 106 Thermodynamics


The LHP-106 Thermodynamics Laboratory is an advanced educational facility dedicated to providing in-depth training in the fundamentals of thermodynamics and heat transfer principles. By combining theoretical instruction with practical, hands-on experience, the lab ensures that students gain a comprehensive understanding of key thermodynamic processes and real-world applications.

Equipped with cutting-edge simulators, trainers, and interactive software, the LHP-106 lab offers a robust learning environment. Students engage with authentic simulations that mirror actual conditions, supported by detailed technical manuals and thorough theoretical resources. The structured software modules facilitate step-by-step learning, encompassing clear objectives, practical examples, and rigorous assessments.

With specialized modules covering a wide range of thermodynamic processes—from heat conduction and convection to thermal radiation and condensation—the LHP-106 lab prepares students for diverse career opportunities in science and engineering fields. This facility is an essential resource for developing the expertise needed to excel in this critical area of study.

Welcome to the LHP-106 Thermodynamics Laboratory, your essential resource for mastering the fundamentals of thermodynamics and the principles of heat transfer. Our lab offers a comprehensive mix of theoretical and practical training to help you understand and apply these crucial scientific concepts.

The LHP-106 lab is equipped with a variety of advanced simulators, trainers, and equipment, listed on the right side of this page (note: any required PCs are provided locally by the reseller). Our curriculum covers:

  • Fundamentals of Thermodynamics: Explore the general theory of energy and substance conversion and the behavior of systems during temperature changes.
  • Principles of Heat Transfer: Understand the different methods of heat transfer, including conduction, convection, and radiation.

Detailed Heat Transfer Methods

  • Convective Heat Transfer: Learn about heat transfer through the movement of fluids.
  • Heat Conduction: Study the transfer of heat between objects in direct contact with different temperatures.
  • Thermal Radiation: Understand electromagnetic radiation generated by the thermal motion of particles in matter.

Specialized Studies

  • Heat Exchangers: Examine the principles of heat exchangers, which transfer heat without transferring the fluid that carries it.
  • Condensation Process: Investigate the transformation of gas to liquid upon contact with cooler surfaces, a vital part of the water transformation cycle.

Our lab includes interactive software designed to enhance the learning experience. This software is organized into subjects corresponding to our simulations and experimental exercises, providing:

  • Clear Learning Objectives: Each experiment includes specific aims and knowledge goals.
  • Theoretical Background and Practical Examples: Detailed lessons paired with hands-on applications.
  • Student Assessments: Tests, questions, and fault testing to ensure comprehensive understanding.

Our lab offers a range of specialized modules, including:

  • THT-135: Heat Conduction and Convection
  • THT-223: Condensation Process
  • THT-137: Heat Transfer by Radiation
  • THT-X02: Tubular Heat Exchanger

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