LHP 103 Thermotronics Engineering

Exterior AC Unit

The LHP-103 Thermotronics Engineering Lab is a premier educational facility designed to provide comprehensive training in Refrigeration, Cooling, Automotive Climate Control, and Air-Conditioning systems. Through a combination of cutting-edge simulators, interactive software, and practical training modules, the lab offers an in-depth understanding of both theoretical concepts and real-world applications.

Our lab’s focus on a wide range of systems—from domestic air-conditioning to industrial refrigeration—ensures that students gain versatile skills applicable in various industries. The integrated educational tools, including subject-specific simulations and thorough technical manuals, facilitate a step-by-step learning process that reinforces both knowledge and practical skills.

By participating in the LHP-103 lab, students are equipped with the necessary expertise to excel in the rapidly evolving field of Thermotronics, making this facility an invaluable resource for future engineers and technicians.

Welcome to the LHP-103 Thermotronics Engineering Lab, your comprehensive resource for mastering Refrigeration, Cooling, Automotive Climate Control, and Air-Conditioning systems. Our state-of-the-art lab provides both theoretical and practical training, ensuring a well-rounded education in these essential areas.

The LHP-103 lab features a variety of simulators, trainers, and advanced equipment. Our focus areas include:

  • Refrigerating Cycles: Explore absorption/diffusion and liquefiable gas evaporation/compression processes.
  • Industrial Refrigeration: Study various industrial refrigerators and cold storage solutions for food cooling and freezing.
  • Domestic Air-Conditioning: Learn about systems used in homes and small offices.
  • Space Conditioning: Understand different air-conditioning methods for diverse environments.
  • Thermodynamic Conversion: Delve into the principles of heat energy transformation.
  • Automotive Climate Control: Gain expertise in vehicle air-conditioning and climate systems.

Our lab is equipped with comprehensive educational tools and sub-units designed to provide hands-on experience in Thermotronics applications for both domestic and industrial settings. Interactive software complements our physical equipment, allowing students to engage with:

  • Subject-Specific Simulations: Each simulation is designed to match the experimental exercises.
  • Educational Aims and Knowledge Goals: Clearly defined objectives for each experiment.
  • Theoretical Background and Practical Examples: Detailed theory lessons paired with real-world applications.
  • Student Assessments and Fault Testing: Tests and troubleshooting scenarios to reinforce learning.

The provided software guides students through the theoretical and practical aspects of each exercise, ensuring a thorough understanding. Each system is accompanied by technical manuals for both theoretical study and practical exercises.

We offer a range of specialized modules, including:

  • PT-RF1: Introduction to Refrigeration Cycle and Cooling Systems
  • PT-AC2: Training Unit for Professional Cooling Systems
  • PT-AC3: Training Unit for Complex Air Conditioning Systems
  • PTS-3950: Refrigeration Training System
  • PTS-3951: Basic Refrigeration Modules
  • PTS-3953: Industrial Refrigeration Modules
  • PTS-3950: Air Conditioning Training System
  • PTS-3952: Basic Air Conditioning Modules
  • PTS-3954: Professional Air Conditioning Module
  • PTS-3974: Heat Pump & Thermodynamics Theory
  • PTS-3975: Industrial Refrigeration
  • PTS-3574: Car Air Conditioning & Climate Control

Experience the future of Thermotronics education with LHP-103, where cutting-edge technology meets practical application to prepare you for a successful career in the industry.

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