LHP 4000 Advanced Telecommunications

The LHP-4000 Advanced Telecommunications laboratory offers a comprehensive learning environment for students studying advanced telecommunications systems. Covering both theoretical and practical aspects, this lab focuses on the OSI Model and widely-used communication protocols in data transmission and modern networks. The lab includes a versatile digital telecom training system, structured cabling and local networks workshop kits, and advanced enterprise network solutions.

The LHP-4000 laboratory is designed to provide students with in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience in advanced telecommunications. The lab modules cover essential topics such as structured cabling, digital communications, GPS, GSM/GPRS, and enterprise network solutions. The equipment and software are designed to simulate real-world telecommunications environments, ensuring students are well-prepared for professional roles in this field.

  1. Modular and Versatile Digital Telecom Training System
    • PT CB41: Trainer for Data-com and Tele-com Structured Cabling Installations
      • Comprehensive workshop and field engineer equipment.
      • Training in installation and maintenance of integrated structured cable installations for Datacom and Telecom.
      • Enables creation of sub-networks for practical network training.
  2. ICARUS: Digital Communications Laboratory
    • ICARUS Nodes: Simulates architectures of LAN, WAN, wireless LAN and WAN, and mobile networks.
    • Training on VOIP, WLAN, and 5G Mobile Networks: Provides comprehensive training on modern network technologies.
    • Computer Assisted Instruction (CAI): Interactive software for simulations and experiments, including theoretical background and practical exercises.
  3. ENS: Enterprise Network Solution
    • Endpoint management for power management, software updates, application installs, configuration, and remote assistance.
    • Simplifies network maintenance, allowing focus on strategic tasks.
    • Runs on Linux, suitable for educational institutes.
  1. Interactive Learning with CAI Software
    • Organized in subjects corresponding to simulations and experimental exercises.
    • Aims and Knowledge Levels: Clear objectives for each experiment.
    • Theoretical Background: Detailed explanations and practical examples.
    • Data Acquisition and Analysis: Real-time data display and graphical results.
    • Tests and Fault Testing: Assessments to evaluate understanding and fault-testing capabilities.
  2. Electronic Manuals and Resources
    • Comprehensive electronic manuals for theory and exercises.
    • Minimum configuration includes a 3 Icarus Node network and 3 PCs running Windows 10.
  1. Structured Cabling and Network Setup
    • Hands-on training in creating and maintaining structured cabling systems.
    • Students build sub-networks as a foundation for advanced network training.
  2. Digital Communications and Mobile Networks
    • Practical experience with VOIP, WLAN, and 5G networks.
    • Simulates real-world network architectures and protocols.
  3. GPS and GSM/GPRS Communication
    • Vocational training on satellite and GSM communication.
    • Integrated modules for comprehensive hands-on learning.
  4. Enterprise Network Management
    • Practical skills in managing and maintaining enterprise networks.
    • Focus on efficient endpoint management and network maintenance.

The LHP-4000 Advanced Telecommunications laboratory provides a thorough and practical education in telecommunications systems. With its modular and versatile training systems, interactive CAI software, and comprehensive electronic manuals, students gain both theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience. The lab prepares students for real-world applications in telecommunications, equipping them with the skills needed for professional success in this rapidly evolving field.

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