LHP 104 Heating & Sanitary Systems


The LHP-104 Heating and Sanitary Systems Laboratory is an advanced educational facility dedicated to providing in-depth training in the installation, operation, and maintenance of Residential and Industrial Heating and Sanitary systems. By combining theoretical instruction with practical, hands-on experience, the lab ensures that students gain a comprehensive understanding of key concepts and real-world applications.

Equipped with cutting-edge simulators, trainers, and interactive software, the LHP-104 lab offers a robust learning environment. Students are able to engage with authentic simulations that mirror actual conditions, supported by detailed technical manuals and thorough theoretical resources. The structured software modules facilitate step-by-step learning, encompassing clear objectives, practical examples, and rigorous assessments.

With specialized modules covering a wide range of systems—from central heating and sanitary installations to advanced gas and solar heating simulations—the LHP-104 lab prepares students for diverse career opportunities in the heating and sanitary sectors. This facility is an essential resource for developing the expertise needed to excel in this vital industry.

Welcome to the LHP-104 Heating and Sanitary Systems Laboratory, your go-to resource for mastering the installation, operation, and maintenance of Residential and Industrial Heating and Sanitary systems. Our lab provides an immersive educational experience, combining theoretical knowledge with practical hands-on training.

The LHP-104 lab features a variety of state-of-the-art simulators, trainers, and equipment, all detailed on the right side of this page. Our key focus areas include:

  • Central Heating Systems: Learn about central systems for heating and sanitary water production.
  • Heating Technology Principles: Understand the fundamental principles of heating technology.
  • Gas Pipes and Leak Detection: Gain expertise in gas pipe installation and leak management.
  • Hot Water Generation: Study hot water generation for both standard and industrial heating systems.

Our trainers replicate real-world systems, providing an authentic learning experience that mirrors actual operating conditions.

To enhance the learning experience, our lab is equipped with interactive software compatible with PC workstations. This software is organized into subjects that correspond with our simulations and experimental exercises, providing:

  • Clear Learning Objectives: Each experiment includes specific aims and knowledge goals.
  • Theoretical Background and Practical Examples: Detailed lessons and practical examples help bridge theory and practice.
  • Student Assessments: Tests, questions, and fault testing ensure comprehensive understanding and skill development.

The software guides students through each exercise step-by-step, ensuring a thorough grasp of both theoretical and practical aspects. Additionally, technical manuals accompany all systems, providing essential support for theory and exercises.

Our lab offers a range of specialized modules, including:

  • PT-TH01: Heating & Sanitary Installation System
  • PT-TH02: Heating Unit with Liquid or Gas Heat Generator
  • PT-03DG: Home Gas Supply Training Simulator
  • PTH-354T: Heating Element Module
  • PTH-353T: Hot Water Production Module
  • PTH-355T: Energy Distribution and Control Module
  • PTH-350 S: Gas, Solar, and Oil Heating Software Simulation

Experience the future of Heating and Sanitary Systems education with the LHP-104 laboratory, where innovative technology meets practical application to prepare you for a successful career in the industry.

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