LHP 102 Food Processing

Dairy products

The LHP 102 Food Processing Lab represents a transformative leap in educational excellence, catering not only to scholars but also to small-scale farmers. With a focus on hands-on learning and technological innovation, our lab revolutionizes dairy production.

The MD100 Mini Dairy Module introduces students and farmers alike to the pinnacle of mini-scale dairy production. From yogurt and cheese manufacturing to butter extraction, this module provides comprehensive training on industry-standard equipment, tailored to the needs of small-scale farmers. With a production rate of up to 200 liters per shift (2 batch/8h shift), learners delve into real-world dairy processes, honing their skills in a supportive and interactive environment.

By equipping both scholars and small-scale farmers with the tools and knowledge needed to excel in the industry, the LHP 102 Food Processing Lab fosters a culture of innovation and sustainability, ensuring a brighter future for dairy production worldwide.

The MD100 Mini Dairy revolutionizes small-scale dairy production and educational training.

Tailored for smaller-scale farmers or educational institutions, this module offers a complete solution for fresh milk, cream, yogurt and cheese production, with butter as a valuable byproduct.

Flexibility is at the forefront, accommodating various milk types and production rates of up to 200 liters per shift. Students receive practical training on real-life equipment, covering the spectrum of dairy production techniques.

Key Features

  • Full-scale, turn-key equipment line
  • Flexibility for different milk types
  • Comprehensive training and support

We provide a Start-Up as well as training for the local team in producing the product and utilizing the equipment in the most efficient way. This is a perfect solution for being an Educational Pilot dairy production platform where students can have hands-on training on real life equipment that covers the range of dairy production techniques for milk process dairy producers.

The Mini Dairy can be optionally combined with homogenizer and automatic packaging machines. The milk Dairy is capable of producing the classic dairy products as: pasteurized milk, yogurt and soft and salted white cheese and hard yellow chesses as well as Butter Cream. Mini Dairy 100 is very easy to clean and operate, a user friendly unit, a perfect solution for small and medium range cow, goat and sheep milk farms and Agro colleges with quantities of up to 300 liters of milk per day. All basic process components and parts are made of stainless steel.

Set Up

We offer a full turn-key solution for setting up the Mini Diary including:

  • Welding & installation at your designated site
  • Installing, connecting and Training
  • Commissioning
  • Supply operation manuals & transfer know-how
  • Training for dairy laboratory tests
  • Food Technician orientation
  • Team Training
  • Equipment Training and Operation
  • Dairy Product Processing Training
  • Product management

In summary, the LHP 102 Food Processing Lab offers a multifaceted educational experience, equipping students with practical skills and scientific knowledge essential for success in the food processing industry. Dive into the world of dairy production with our state-of-the-art laboratory.

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