BK Biology Laboratory Kit

The BK Biology Laboratory Kit is an extensive lab solution designed to facilitate secondary-level education in biology. It supports a wide range of experiments, demonstrations, and laboratory work across various biology subtopics, utilizing advanced digital sensors and data acquisition systems. The BK Biology Laboratory Kit (BK) offers a fully-featured science laboratory tailored for secondary-level biology education. Each kit is designed to support specific curriculum topics through hands-on experiments and demonstrations, leveraging both traditional measuring devices and modern digital technology.

  • Comprehensive Equipment: Each kit includes conventional measuring devices and advanced data acquisition systems with various sensors.
  • Digital Integration: Equipped with sensors for temperature, absolute pressure, pH, O2, CO2, relative humidity, EKG, and respiration (Spiro).
  • Extensive Activities: More than 70 experimental activities across various biology topics.
  • Portable and Convenient: Kits are packaged in plastic boxes with lids for easy storage and transportation. A plastic frame trolley with wheels is provided when all four BK sets are ordered.

The BK kits cover a wide range of topics within biology, structured to provide comprehensive understanding and practical application.


  • Activities involve using microscopes to observe various biological specimens.


  • Cell Structure: Examination of cell organelles and their functions.
  • Unicellular and Multicellular Organisms: Comparison of different organism types.
  • Cellular Division: Observing mitosis and meiosis processes.
  • Cellular Respiration: Studying how cells generate energy.
  • Nutrient Transfer in Cells: Investigating mechanisms like osmosis and diffusion.


  • Biomolecules: Identifying and studying carbohydrates, lipids, and nucleic acids.
  • Proteins: Exploring protein structure and function.
  • DNA: Understanding the structure of DNA and its role in heredity.


  • Genetic: Activities on inheritance patterns and genetic variation.
  • Evolution: Exploring the principles of natural selection and evolution.

Plant Physiology

  • Primitive Plants: Studying non-flowering plants.
  • Flowering Plants: Investigating plant reproduction and growth.
  • Vegetative Propagation: Learning about asexual reproduction in plants.
  • Plant Growth: Factors affecting plant growth.
  • Photosynthesis: Investigating the process of photosynthesis.

Food Chains

  • Food Chain: Exploring energy transfer in ecosystems.
  • Biochemical Cycles: Understanding cycles like the carbon and nitrogen cycles.
  • Nutrition: Studying different nutrients and their roles.
  • Identification of Starch: Testing for the presence of starch in food.


  • Animal Classification: Learning about the classification of various animal species.
  • Mammals: Detailed study of mammalian anatomy and physiology.
  • Anatomy of Body Organs: Exploring the structure and function of mammalian organs.
  • Anatomy of Body Systems: Studying different body systems:
    • Human Body Systems
    • Nerve System
    • Respiratory System
    • Skeletal System
    • Reproductive System
  • Human Physiology:
    • Auto-regulation Mechanisms: Investigating homeostasis.
    • Exercise: Studying the physiological effects of exercise.
  • BK1 General Kit: Contains a variety of general biology lab equipment.
  • BK2 Microscope Kit: Includes microscopes and related tools.
  • BK3 Anatomy Kit: Contains anatomical models and dissection tools.
  • BK DAQ Kit: Includes all necessary cables and accessories for digital data acquisition. Note: PCs or Android tablets are not included.
  • Portability: All sets come in durable plastic boxes with lids, ensuring easy storage and mobility.
  • Data Acquisition (DAQ): Kits are equipped with sensors and data loggers for modern laboratory measurements.
  • Support and Accessories: BK DAQ kits come with all necessary accessories for setting up experiments. A trolley is included for easy transportation when purchasing all BK sets.

The BK Biology Laboratory Kit is a valuable tool for modern biology education, providing extensive hands-on learning opportunities supported by advanced digital technology. It enhances student engagement and understanding of both theoretical concepts and practical applications in biology. Contact us today to integrate the BK Biology Laboratory Kit into your science curriculum and elevate your students’ learning experience.

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