13 Oct

5th National Conference of EEPEK: SMART:Blox WORKSHOP

POLYTECH organized a new product workshops that took place at the 5th National Conference of EEPEK for “Educational Innovations” organized from 11/10/2019 to 13/10/2019 in the city of Larisa by the Scientific Association for the Promotion of Innovation in Education (E.E.P.E.K.).

The purpose of the workshop was to present Polytech’s new product SMART:Blox: a modular, low cost, easy to use, intuitive, flexible and diverse set of hardware devices and software for young computer programmers.

SMART:Blox aims  to  teach Computer programming to young students and to develop the student’s skills in Algorithmic and Programming thinking, Design and Development of STEAM based projects as well as innovation and idea implementation, all across the STEAM educational curriculum.

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