POLYTECH is happy to present its new STEAM Educational Product, SMART:Blox. A modularlow costeasy to useintuitiveflexible and diverse set of hardware devices and software aiming to teach Computer programming to young students within STEAM educational curriculum.

STEAM, acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics, is an approach to education that aims to introduce into the teaching of Mathematics, Natural Sciences (vital for the basic understanding of the world), Arts, Technology and Engineering Science a perspective in which every child develops personal skills in a favorable learning environment.

SMART:Blox is an educational set of complete Hardware, Software tools and didactic material to create and program  more than 500 STEAM projects. It aims to develop the student’s skills in Algorithmic and Programming thinkingDesign and Development of C-STEAM based projects as well as innovation and idea implementation, all across the STEAM discipline curriculum.

4.Why SB
6.SB Application
7. SB Projects
8. S1_S1A
11.SB Math

The Didactic package inlcudes:

The ARD:Icon controller, an arduino based controller with UTP connections (no wiring is needed) for plug and play.
The ARD:Icon application, a Graphics and Icon driven application which allows the students to program their circuits and their STEAM projects, simulate and monitor any project, take scientific measurements and expand their activities all across STEAM curriculum while comprehending the basics of C language programming, it produces automatically C language code and Arduino code. It includes all software tools needed for start to end programming.
SMART:Blox, sets of Electronic devices (sensors, transducers, motors, leds, switches etc.) for circuit construction and control programming. The SMART:Blox devices are built as LegoTM type plastic blocks so can be integrated easily to structures built with this type of blocks.
C-STEAM, a complete didactic process, including theory and tutorial for STEAM projects from basic to advance level.