About Us

Since 1984 POLYTECH SA is dedicated exclusively to the designdevelopment and implementation of didactic solutions and laboratories.

POLYTECH’s products cover a wide range of technology sectors that aim to achieve three important objectives in the Education process:

Simplify the student’s learning process by integrating the latest didactic and information technologies into the conventional and theoretical content of each subject.
Upgrade the teacher – student work interaction by offering the tools to interconnect the teacher demonstration with the student lab activity.
Create a dynamic computer assisted laboratory by offering solutions adapted to the latest in technology.

Polytech offers flexible and adaptable educational systems  which always ensure maximum compliance with current state-of-the-art technologies and the skill demands of local industrial markets.
All our products and solutions are intended for formal school education, all levels, as well as for post-diploma and further education courses and professional re-qualification.

POLYTECH’s members are highly qualified and educated professionals, continuously trained and always updated to new industry and technology standards. 

POLYTECH through the years has a very successful record in designing and implementing various educational projects.

POLYTECH has also initiated various co-operations with local and international companies, resellers and manufactures, establishing market or production alliances. Additionally, the company has an established R&D cooperation with various research and development Labs of the University of Thessaly. POLYTECH’s products are results of continuous research and development in conjunction to adaptation in technological advancements and modern developments in the fields of modern industrial technology.