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Since 1985, POLYTECH EDUCATIONAL SYSTEMS designs and develops  a wide variety of Laboratories for  all levels of education. The Company has developed a vast numbers of training and educational equipment for the Engineering –Vocational education and  the General Science education along with numerous advanced technology systems and software applications for non educational applications.


Our Engineering Laboratory section is a category of complete training laboratories which aims to cover the theoretical and practical topics in the sector of Engineering and Vocational education. This section is represented here only by a sample of the currently available laboratory configurations. In case of customer’s interest for a specific technology laboratory in this level of education, Polytech is ready to provide a solution which fully meets any customer’s needs.


Our General Science Laboratory section is a category of complete educational laboratories which cover all theoretical and practical areas concerning Natural Science topics. Products range from mobile science laboratories to specific subject or topic experimental sets with digital measurements and data acquisition, experiment simulations, multimedia, guides, user manuals, instructor and student documentation, educational quizzes and a vast number of other didactic applications.


Our STEAM equipment section is a category of complete educational Digital Laboratories which aims to cover theoretical and practical areas concerning all  Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics subjects by using modern digital technology integrated with our C-STEAM educational methodology and Interactive applications. Polytech is proudly introducing its integrated STEAM educational lab platforms offering a set of applications in different science fields.


POLYTECH through the years has an outstanding record in designing and implementing various educational and vocational projects on national and international level maintaining a long-term commitment to its clients and its diverse collaborations. The most recent nationwide large projects have been successfully completed in various schools in the territory of Albania and Russia where a vast number of Engineering, Technical and General education laboratories have been installed.